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דיירת כרמלה

מאז שעודד וחברת גרופית אתנו, אנחנו מרגישים שיש לנו בית חם, בית שמחבק ובית שותן לנו את ההרגשה הטובה. הלכו לקראתנו באמת בחום ובסובלנות וזה דבר שהוא לא מובן מאליו ושבוא מאוד חשוב

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דיירת בתיה

תמר מייצגת אותנו ותמיד מביאה את הדברים לסיום יוצא מהכלל, כל השינויים שביקשנו נעשו על הצד הטוב ביותר שזה באמת דבר נדיר. הם עשו צעד באמת יוצא מהכלל ויבורכו על זה, אין לי מילים.

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דייר משה

לאורך כל הדרך חברת גרופית היו קשובים אלינו, ליוו אותנו לפני הבנייה, במהלך הבנייה ועד היום הם מלווים אותנו גם אחרי הבנייה. אנחנו מרגישים שיש מאחורינו חברה חזקה וחברה שתומכת בנו.

היום לאחר שנכסנו לדירה אנחנו מרגישים שכל התמורות וכל הסטנדרט הגבוה שהובטח לנו, רכן קוים, אנחנו מרגישים שבחרנו נכון, בחרנו גרופית.

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in honor of

Amir Rachlevsky – CEO of Grofit

Subject: Molcho 1 project – summary and expression of appreciation

I am Moshe Chaika, I was the tenants’ representative of the project in question.

I entered the representative office when the “Grofit” company was already at the end of the negotiations with the tenants, when on the side

Grofit negotiated Oded Drucker.

Negotiations have known ups and downs all along, by the nature of negotiations, when on the one hand the tenants want maximum permutations and fears of losing their rights, and on the other hand the contractor who sees the profit line and the good of the company he represents and rightly so.

Throughout the negotiation I got the impression that the company you head is fair, honest and negotiates positively with a relaxed atmosphere, no pressures, no emotions, while presenting data transparently, although I did not always agree with your arguments, I always knew your hands were clean and things The speakers are from the heart and with “receipts”.

Oded Drucker accompanied us closely, was attentive to inquiries and always gave the feeling that he was on the one hand a representative of the company, but on the other hand attentive and trying to resolve disputes while investing hours in persuasion and presentation of data. He would sit down individually with “problematic” tenants and explain the Grofit position pleasantly and sensitively.

The construction phase was not simple and took longer than planned, when the project was “stuck” I always felt that Grofit was making great efforts to extract the situation to get it back on track.

Throughout the project, I was in personal contact, or through the inspector on our behalf, with your representative in the field, from the foreman through Hezi Solomon, the company’s engineer, and they were always attentive and kind.

The difficulties and said things individually without embellishing reality.

All disagreements regarding compensation for late delivery were closed in meetings with Menashe Chen and the lawyers

Always in a friendly, relaxed manner and with a desire to close matters and please the tenants.

In the final stages I personally had a problem with my late mother who in the rented apartment demanded immediate eviction

And dear Menashe Chen tried to give solutions and help as much as possible, even though in the end my late mother passed away

And did not get to enter the apartment.

At the end of my personal opinion and the knowledge of other tenants I spoke to, we were given a building to glory, amazing in its beauty, with a high level of finish, a beautiful building exterior and interior.

All the defects discovered in the protocol (and there were not many ..) were handled by your people in the field in the best way.

A company with good management and professional and moral responsibility, is measured even after the delivery of the apartments and here

I came to know and see the power of the “Grofit” company.

A guy named Itzik, who has a profession of his age and above, has a high and amazing sense of service and a charming and pleasant demeanor.

Every problem and malfunction that arises and comes to Itzik’s attention, is answered on the phone attentively, with a high standard of service and in relatively short times, here is expressed the power and greatness of an organization, to give service after occupancy and the feeling that we have not been neglected and you accompany us personally all the way.


You should be proud of the group of people of the “Grofit” company, Menashe Chen, Hezi Solomon, Oded, Canaan, Alex, Maher and even the women of the office who on every phone give a feeling of “home”

(Even with negative answers …)

I would be happy if you pass on my appreciation to all those involved in the craft !!!

This document was written on my personal opinion only and I found it appropriate to write to you personally, so that the truth and justice will not only do but also be seen.

With great respect and good news,

Moshe Chaika – Apartment 2

Molcho 1 Ramat Gan

Phone -0544490199

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Amir Shalom

I sent you an email two days ago but I can not find it in my email so I will contact you again.

My name is Maccabi Hoshea from the Grofit project in Molcho in Ramat Gan.

I represent my mother Rachel Maccabi. An 85-year-old woman living who owns the property.

I was involved in the process from the day Grofit was selected until the construction of the new building until the keys were received during the month of 12/2019.

I would like to point out that in the apartment we received we were exposed after a few days to the penetration of moisture in several foci in the apartment and went through a lengthy process until the issue was closed (a few weeks ago).

The humidity did not allow the property to be rented out and only at the beginning of this month (after 4 months) the apartment was rented.

Despite everything I have seen I would like to point out in a positive way:

Hezi – the project manager who, from the time my contact was made with him, turned out to be a very good professional who is sensitive and understanding with the client
Itzik – from the inspector who later dealt with two problems that were opened (panels disconnected and noise from the air conditioner) who handled the matter professionally and in a good and inclusive relationship with the customer and even now when the issue of the solar heating system is not functioning he handles the matter transparently
Oded Drucker – with whom he has a long relationship since the beginning of the project who is a worthy man in all respects that the treatment of my mother who is a physically limited woman was done with patience and understanding (in the signing process with the bank) and throughout the process was conducted professionally and respectfully
Maher Mater – responsible for the changes in the apartment. A good professional who also conducts himself in a professional and discreet manner
I would love for you to express my appreciation to them

Thank you

Hosea Maccabi


Glomb 2 Apartment 21 in Ramat Gan

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