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Years of Experience in the Business

Years of Experience in the Business

Grofit Construction Company is a veteran enterprise with 45 years of experience in the construction business.
Grofit is owned by Mr. Amir Rachlevsky, a Technion graduate construction engineer with extensive real estate experience. He has been serving as Company CEO for many years.

In recent years, Grofit has been gaining momentum in developing and construction of projects for diverse uses nationwide:
Residential projects consisting of thousands of housing units in the private market, community extensions in Kibbutzim and Moshavim, Price for the Occupant projects, Urban Renewal projects including Pinui-Binui and TAMA 38 projects.

The Company also has projects in the Income-Bearing Properties market. These include: Commercial buildings, Offices, Logistics facilities, Assisted Living, Long-Term Care facilities and residential clusters.

Grofit specializes in the entire chain – initiation, planning & design, construction and service. The Company has been designated by the Ministry of Construction and Housing as a Non-Limited Housing Company and is classified by the Registrar of Contractors as a prestigious C-5 Company.
Over the years Grofit has retained its success in the sector thanks to its attentiveness to the needs of its private and business customers and thanks to the dedicated, experienced team consisting of the entire range of professions and disciplines required in the industry – everything from Technion graduate engineers, through to meticulous, thorough and experienced foremen.

Grofit’s employees and their dedication are by far the most valuable asset when it comes to applying and consolidating the Company’s future and professional standing among its customers, both in terms of the end-product quality and the quality of service.

Building the Future

Grofit’s many years of experience and its financial soundness enable it to play a role in making the future and dreams of its customers and their families come true.

Amir Rachlevsky

Owner and CEO

Construction Engineer, Technion Graduate. 30 years’ experience in the construction industry.

Ofer Shneor

Deputy CEO
Construction Engineer, Technion Graduate. MBA. 30 years’ experience in the construction industry.

Orna Rachlevsky

Graduate, Marketing & Advertising. Management in construction companies. Has been with the Company for 25 years.

Menashe Chen

BA in Economics and Accounting from Tel Aviv University, CPA. 25 years in the real estate sector.

עמיר רחלבסקי

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מהנדס בניין בוגר הטכניון.
ניסיון של 30 שנה בענף הבנייה.

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משנה למנכ"ל

מהנדס בניין בוגר הטכניון.
תואר שני בניהול.
ניסיון של 30 שנה בענף הבניה.

אורנה רחלבסקי


בוגרת לימודי שיווק ופרסום.
ניהול חברות בנייה.
עובדת בחברה 25 שנה.

מנשה חן

סמנכ"ל כספים

תואר ראשון מאוניברסיטת ת”א בכלכלה וחשבונאות, רו”ח. 25 שנה בענף הנדל”ן. 

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מנהל גרופית התחדשות עירונית

מהנדס בנין בוגר הטכניון
נסיון של 24 שנה בענף הבניה

עמיר רחלבסקי

מהנדס בניין בוגר הטכניון.
ניסיון של 30 שנה בענף הבנייה.
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